12 January 2021 Infectious Diseases Technological, industrial and biomedical developments have increased life quality and expectancy of the population,… Read more
15 December 2020 The management of clinical trials in Italy during the COVID-19 spread emergency During the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, the monitoring activity at the clinical centers was… Read more
9 December 2020 Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels… Read more
1 December 2020 Rare Diseases Rare diseases are serious, often chronic diseases that affect a relatively small number of… Read more
24 November 2020 Study Management in OPIS OPIS sound experience in clinical trial management and monitoring, and our proficient and well-trained… Read more
17 November 2020 The importance of in-company training The substantial experience in the management of clinical trials which OPIS proves, ensures services set… Read more
10 November 2020 The Trial Start-Up Specialist’s profile One of the ascending roles, albeit still little known, in clinical research is that… Read more
3 November 2020 Medical Affairs in OPIS The OPIS Medical Affairs Unit is team of experienced people with on average 15… Read more
27 October 2020 ISO quality standards: a step forward in promoting excellence for our Sponsors ISO stands for “International Organization for Standardization”, an international organization whose task is to… Read more
19 October 2020 The new regulation on medical devices, what and when will it change? The full application of the new Regulation on Medical Devices (MDR 2017/745) has been… Read more
15 October 2020 ISO 14155: 2020 Clinical investigation of medical devices for human subjects – Good clinical practice The international standard ISO / DIS 14155 “Clinical investigation of medical devices for human… Read more
12 October 2020 OPIS Regulatory Service A team of experts assist clients with regulatory aspects relating to clinical studies submissions (Phase… Read more
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