Ethics Code

The implementation of a Code of Ethics by OPIS enshrines the principles of “company ethics” that the company recognizes as its own. The company demands that company bodies, employees and all collaborators observe these principles. The Code of Ethics is an integral part of the Organizational, Management and Control Model.

As a CRO, OPIS operates in a complex and ever-evolving market, in which it forges relationships every day with various stakeholders such as sponsors, health-care professionals, institutions, public bodies and suppliers.

In this context, OPIS has a moral and ethical responsibility that requires abiding by a set of values based on ethics, transparency, fairness, high professionalism and service orientation. These values are periodically reinforced through a compliance program and create in our employees, company bodies and collaborators an awareness of, and profound opposition and intolerance to behavior and actions not in line with these values.

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to promote or prohibit various kinds of behavior and represents a summary of the policies that guide the OPIS Group.


Whitin the approval by OPIS of the Whistleblowing Policy, the “e-Whistle” software is implemented and active.
Through the application, each employee, consultant or contractor will have the possibility to report any unlawful conduct within the OPIS Group, as indicated in the Policy.

The Law n. 179/2017, to supplements the organizational and management model under Legislative Decree n. 231/2001, has introduced the obligation for the organizations to identify appropriate measures aimed at ensuring adequate protection of whistleblowers who report unlawful practices against any retaliation and discrimination, or any other unfair behaviour, as a result of having reported misconduct.

The software you will have access has been specially designed for secure and encrypted access by users, to protect the privacy of the whistleblower.

To access the application you will need to login to the following link by entering your credentials and unique password OPISCRO1998.

Model ex D.Lgs. 231/01 Italian Version

With Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, legal entities including limited companies may be held liable for certain crimes which are committed in the interest or for the benefit of the company.

In view of these regulations, OPIS designed a its Organizational, Management and Control Model, which contains the measures aimed at guaranteeing that company activities are carried out in compliance with the law and at finding and promptly eliminating any risks. To ensure continuous and effective vigilance over the functioning and observance of the Model, the company has appointed an autonomous and professional Supervisory Body, which is also in charge of updating the Model.

OPIS has given special consideration to communication initiatives, to the training of its employees and collaborators on the contents of the Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, and to the way it is implemented in our company.

Anticorruption Policy

OPIS s.r.l., aware of the negative effects of corruption practices on economic and social development, and in the areas in which it operates, is committed to combating and preventing the occurrence of offences in the performance of its activities.

The prevention of corruption practices for OPIS is not just a legal obligation but first and foremost one of the guiding principles of the Company’s and Group’s activity, also in light of the different cultural and legal contexts in which its business is rooted.

For this reason, OPIS requires its employees and collaborators to operate with constant honesty and integrity. The Anti-Corruption Policy has been drafted with the aim of protecting employees and OPIS from any violation of the rules on corruption and is to be applied to all employees, as well as other persons or companies that carry out activities in the name and on behalf of OPIS.

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