10 Sep 2020

The importance of the Organization by Process

The world of clinical research represents an ever-growing evolving reality, in which scientific accuracy and cogent regulatory requirements are flanked by increasingly challenging quality standards.

In this sector, the globalization of studies offers new opportunities to be seized such as that of the organization by process, a theme highlighted by the economic-business literature.

An innovative management leading to the achievement of objectives such as customer satisfaction, cost reduction and the creation of added value.

Flexibility has always characterized OPIS’s business reality.

In order to be increasingly attentive to the needs of its customers, the Company has set up a function dedicated to the management of customer-oriented processes: a key element, nowadays, to be a competitive reality.

All the activities related to business processes are organized to achieve a common purpose.

Alongside the traditional business vision by functions, organization by process turned out to be a major discovery in achieving the company’s effectiveness and efficiency objectives, in terms of both greater customer satisfaction and cost reduction and therefore the creation of value.

Indeed, it is possible to create value for one’s own customers and enterprise by improving the processes of carrying out internal activities, finding the most appropriate way to manage and organize them in the best possible way.

A customer-oriented process management results in staff enhancement and in a continuous innovative tension, both key aspects in order to keep up with an ever-evolving market.

Collaboration between all departments is therefore one of the necessary requirements to guarantee the performance of activities by optimizing time and resources.

Very precise methodologies are followed from input to output and are supported by constant monitoring that allows prompt intervention in any gaps and points out the most effective and suitable solutions to the problems encountered.

As the company mission states, OPIS’s strength dwells in the passion for research and in the quality to which it aims, in the know-how and in the professionalism made available so that its partners can be supported in the clinical development of drugs as soon as possible and in compliance with the provisions in force.

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