28 Sep 2020

The advantages in partnering with OPIS

OPIS is a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO) founded in Italy in 1998, providing high quality services for the management of international clinical trials, including cutting-edge technological solutions and innovative approaches to the increasing complexity and variety of current projects.

OPIS’s solid experience in the management of clinical trials is proud to ensure consistent high quality services.

To guarantee such a standard, the Company has always been prompt to invest in employee training and foster the expertise of its assets through continuous refresher courses.

The values on which OPIS is based contemplate transparency, reliability and loyalty, extremely important values in a field such as that of clinical research, in which an ever-increasing complexity has become prevailing, which is why flexibility has become one of the Company’s key strengths.
Adaptability and proactivity allow OPIS to establish positive collaborations with its partners.

Another main point on which the Company is based is technological innovation.

Thanks to the experience of the Clinical Information and Communication Technology Departments, the development and management of ad hoc E-Clinical solutions have proved to be of prime importance to fully meet the needs of our customers.

The combination between price and quality makes OPIS’ s offer for a better service a competitive advantage than its competitors. Such compound of price and quality results in the real plus of its services.

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