14 Sep 2020

Technological innovation in OPIS

Technology has radically changed our daily life and our existence and the digital revolution has also involved the world of clinical research.

Years ago, the goal of the Information and Communication Technology department of a CRO (Contract Research Organization) was to facilitate the data collection activity performed in the experimentation centers. Currently, however, patients are at the center of technological development strategies.

The focus of this continuous development process is to fully satisfy the need of patients to be more autonomous, aware and sensitive to the control and monitoring of their health.

Today, devices, APPs for smartphones and tablets, Eletronic patient reports outcomes and wearable devices are able to directly provide detailed information on their physical conditions.

Interoperability between the numerous data sources will be the key word of the future scenario in which the new technological challenge will be established as a single service that collects the largest amount of data available.

Currently, the continuous monitoring of the user experience will allow the development of increasingly valid applications capable of supporting users by providing useful information in real time.

One of the main objectives in OPIS will be to reduce the time of application of technological innovation in clinical research, constantly maintaining the centrality of the patient.

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