17 Sep 2020

ePRO: the new patient APP powered by OPIS

Thanks to the work carried out by the ICT unit (Information and Communication Technology), OPIS is always able to be at the forefront of the ongoing technologies by focusing attention on the role of the patient.

A role that, in recent years, has been increasingly central in the field of clinical research.

The latest product created is a new module of the suite and represents the ePRO service, an App developed for mobile devices that allows the collection of questionnaires, patient diaries and images useful for the development of clinical studies and which expands OPIS’s technological offer relating to the platform.

The ePRO module is compatible with IOS and Android devices and authentication takes place by entering a user code that represents the patient’s identification and a PIN code. Both codes are automatically generated within the study portal. The ePRO app, like all the other modules, shares the same database utilized by the study portal, ensuring solid and consistent data integration.

The application is equipped with multilingual support with content that can be adapted to most of the standard questionnaires found in the literature and with an integrated notification system that makes the app easy to use.

In October 2019 the first patient was enrolled in a new clinical study, whose peculiarity is precisely that of using this mobile application that was installed on tablets provided directly to enrolled patients.

The next implementations of the ePRO will focus on improving the User experience, on the implementation of authentication methods through the fingerprint and on the improvement of Data Analytics algorithms.

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