5 May 2020

COVID-19 – Clinical research and healthcare personnel: thanks from OPIS

Since its founding, OPIS has had the opportunity to collaborate with highly qualified doctors, who with great commitment, experience and passion have made fundamental contributions to clinical research. Today more than ever, clinical research needs doctors, nursing staff, researchers, pharmaceutical companies and CROs for their considerable contribution to the fight against the great battle called COVID-19.

The hope is that thanks to global mobilization, innovation, clinical research and synergy from all, the right combination of drugs can be found to stop the pandemic, treating the respiratory complications that characterize it.

In this emergency, OPIS wishes to thank all the people, organizations and companies that are investing their know-how to ensure essential services for the entire community.

Deep gratitude particularly goes to all the healthcare personnel who, with sacrifice and vocation, are facing the COVID-19 emergency at the forefront and to all the people that work tirelessly every day and every night in hospital departments and facilities. Thanks to all those who face the disease first-hand and embrace an ethical choice to assist, comfort and give hope to all patients and their families.

With sincere esteem

OPIS s.r.l.

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