1 May 2020

Compassionate use programs – COVID-19 authorized by AIFA

Compassionate use programs – COVID-19 authorized by AIFA

SOLNATIDE, the therapeutic molecule solnatide developed by APEPTICO for the treatment of various forms of life-threatening acute pulmonary dysfunction and pulmonary oedema in ARDS patients, has been approved by the Italian Medicines Agency and the Ethics Committee of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases (Lazzaro Spallanzani-Rome) for the treatment of COVID-19 patients suffering from pulmonary oedema and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Bernhard Fischer, CEO of APEPTICO, stated: “After the initial approval in Austria, this is the second European country approving solnatide for the emergency treatment of severely injured COVID-19 patients. Together with OPIS we will make solnatide available for COVID-19 patient treatment in Italy, one of the European Countries most affected by the new coronavirus infections.”

Aldo Poli, CEO of OPIS added: “We are proud to participate to the clinical development of solnatide in patient affected with COVID-19. At this time of great difficulty on a global level, OPIS is pleased to be at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus, collaborating with APEPTICO with the aim of providing a new therapeutic approach in patients with COVID-19 who develop respiratory complications.

Further information on the compassionate use program for solnatide is available at the following link.

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